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Alitair is Dedicated to Advancing Medical Science and Patient Care through Collaborating with New Partners and Pursuing Novel Therapies

The Alitair Pharmaceuticals Corporate Development strategy is focused on three key principles: internal product development; out-licensing opportunities, especially related to our Overdose Reduction™ (ODR) ion-exchange technology; and strategic alliances or partnerships related to our products and therapeutic areas. As we expand our global pharmaceuticals business, Alitair is committed to identifying opportunities that fit our capabilities, enhance our corporate goals, and strengthen our competitive position while also strengthening our partner’s position.

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Establishing Alliances

At Alitair we believe that strategic partnerships are the key to success in today's marketplace.  We are actively seeking innovative partnerships to collaborate on developing and commercializing new therapies that will fulfill unmet needs in healthcare.

Developing New Treatments

Unprecedented changes in the healthcare environment require unprecedented innovations.  We welcome the opportunity to explore partnership opportunities to develop emerging drug discoveries and technology-enabling solutions for patient care.

Integrating Value

Our goal is to make a difference on several healthcare fronts by introducing value-based products across the continuum of care. We are looking to build long-term relationships with innovative organizations who want to partner with Alitair and our technologies on that journey.

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